Day Four – Dream Killers

John 14:6
Matthew 7:13-14

Before we get any deeper into that big dream God has for your life, let’s dig a little deeper on the things that are keep us from that dream.  You could call them dream-killers—because that’s exactly what they are!

When we choose to follow our own plans, it leads to our destruction.  History proves over and over again, that when humanity decides what is good or evil on their own, we inevitably end up deciding that what is good is basically whatever is easiest, safest or most pleasing to ourselves.  This always ends badly.

Jesus said that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  He meant it.  We may think we know where our life needs to go, but Jesus is THE Way.  We think we know what is best, but Jesus is THE Truth.  We think we know what will make our lives complete, but who would know better than the One who made us?  Jesus is THE Life.

The only way to ever truly be fulfilled in life is found in Jesus.  This doesn’t mean that once you begin to follow Him everything is easy—in fact, it may be mean the direct opposite.  He lived a life few would choose.  He sacrificed everything He had to come to Earth to begin with.  Then He lived a life that was totally in service of others.  To cap it all off, He died a gruesome death He did not deserve.  This is the One whose footsteps we are following.  This path really is a narrow one.

When we talk about things that threaten to knock our lives completely off-course, our minds usually race to the most obvious sins.  Addiction, sexual immorality or acts of violence spring to the forefront.  And while these big-named sins are undoubtedly destructive, there are still smaller acts of rebellion that can quite easily go unnoticed in our lives.

Temptation by its very nature is deceptively promising, and in one way or another it attempts to trick us into believing what we’re doing is what’s best for us.  It’s not until later that we realize what we’re doing is destructive and keeping us from what God has planned for us.  This is how sin creeps into our lives and keeps us from the God-given potential we have.  This is how dreams die.

Ask God to forgive you of any sin in your life—and to help you overcome it!  Pray that He will help you see the ways you have allowed simple things to hinder your progress as a follower of Jesus.  Pray that over the next few days as you continue this devotion, you can confront those areas and through the power of the Holy Spirit can reach a breakthrough.  Trust Jesus and believe His way is better.

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